FFB Paisley Mask


A special Fur Face Boy mask created for these special Covid-19 times.

• 3 Panel cloth mask
• Inside layer lining
• Red with White screen-printed FFB Paisley pattern
• Elastic ear bands

BACK STORY & RULES: So my dad texted me a few weeks ago 💬 with the idea that I should create FFB masks for these weird Coronavirus times 🦠 that everyone is having to deal with. I was unsure at first 😕, but as the days passed, I remembered that I had some leftover FFB patterns from a pocket collection I did back in 2011. I immediately Face-timed my mom 👨‍💻 asking if she could dig those patterns up and sew some masks 😷. She was happy to and when she was done, she mailed them to me from Dallas 🏠 to San Diego 🌴 so that I could send to wherever YOU live annnnnnnnd only for a mere 1 cent!

That's right, for 1 cent (plus the cost of shipping), you can have a rare Fur Face Boy gem! My mom managed to only make 15 of these (actually 22, but I kept some, she kept one, and she gave a few to my brothers and to my dad). These masks are only available while supplies last, so snag one up as soon as you can! You can also obtain a mask simply by purchasing anything else in the FFB webstore.

⚠️*MUST READ!!!*⚠️ ONLY ONE (1) MASK PER HOUSEHOLD!!! I wish I could give away more, but since these are so scarce, I HAVE TO limit them. If you order more than one, I WILL NOT SHIP OUT YOUR ORDER, AND WILL KEEP YOUR SHIPPING MONEY to get back at you for trying to be a greedy piece of inconsiderate shit 😡 And sorry, but no international shipping. I'm only able to ship within the good ‘ole U.S.A 🇺🇸

The hard work my family and I put into this group project really helped us bond from afar and also helped us battle some boredom. Ultimately, we hope our hard work will help you get through these very, very weird times! Keep hope alive and remember that with each passing day, we're getting closer to the world getting back to normal again, or maybe, just maybe - an even better world! ✌❤️😊


Ha - The Fur Face Boy

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